CKPG News Team

CKPG has a dedicated news team to serve you online, on radio and on television.

Chris Chacon – TV News Anchor  @ChrisAChacon  [email protected]
Jesse McGowan – Sports Anchor  @_JesseMcGowan  [email protected]
Wendy Perch – Radio News Anchor  [email protected]
Cheryl Jahn – Reporter  [email protected]
Catherine Hansen – Reporter/Anchor  @CKPGCath  [email protected]
Dave Branco – Video Journalist  @DaveBrancoNews   [email protected]
Cory Sellar – Online Journalist  @iSellar  [email protected]
Kendall Robertson – Reporter  @CKPGKendall  [email protected]
Olivia McDonald - Reporter @oliviamcd_ckpg [email protected]
Zach Dallas – Camera  [email protected]
Kevin Sabiston - Camera   [email protected]
Dave Barry – News Director  @CKPGDave  [email protected]

Contact the CKPG News Team
PH: 250-563-0111

To submit a news tip email [email protected]