Snapshot of The Day

Our Provincial motto says it all “The Best Place On Earth” and we totally agree. Northern B.C. is filled with so many great things to see and experience. CKPG News wants you to show us all that this wonderful region of British Columbia has to offer. You can do that through out weekday newscasts through out CKPG Snapshot of the Day segment. Send us your photo from around this northern region and you may have a chance to be featured in our daily 5pm newscast and be on the cover photo of our Facebook page for a week! So get those cameras out and send us your photos, you could be part of our newscast.


  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook Message:
  • Tweet using the hashtag: #ckpgsnapshot @ckpgnews
  • Instagram using the hashtag: @ckpgnews
  • Make sure to include your name, twitter handle (so we can give credit to you), where the photo was taken and any other info you wish to share about the photo.

1 photo submission please, submitting your photo via all four entry points will not help your chances of being selected. By submitting your photo, you grant CKPG permission to broadcast your photo, use it online and on its various social media pages.


  • All Photos must be taken by you personally. Photos taken by someone else will not be allowed for submission.
  • Photos must be submitted in landscape orientation.
  • Photos cannot contain any watermarks. 
  • Photos size must be at least 960x638 resolution and no larger than 3000px. Most photos taken with a smartphone meet the listed requirements.
  • Watch the CKPG News at 5pm to see if your photo was selected for the newscast.
  • Selection of the daily photo will be chosen based off the submissions from that day and previous days.
  • The best photo from that week will be used as CKPG's cover photo on Facebook. The weekly featured image will be the cover photo for approximately a week at a time or until a new featured image replaces it.