Alyssa Tobin | Curator At The Exploration Place

Prince George’s love of “bugs”

February 20, 2019 - 10:17am

Locally the sport of racing “bugs” has been one of the bygone days. Multitudes of colourful cars constructed by young men ready to race whilst surrounded by excited spectators, this is a nostalgic memory for our city.

Previously known as the greatest amateur racing event in the world, soapbox racing has been seeing a resurgence across the country. Rumour has it that Prince George may also be bringing it back.

Nooyaz: A History of Prince George’s Little Island

November 26, 2018 - 10:21am

Fluctuating river levels are all too noticeable these days with water levels on the Fraser River at an unprecedented low.

Located in the Fraser River near the confluence of the Nechako River, Goat Island, typically only accessible by boat, has become a popular local destination for visitors to walk over to and explore.

Known traditionally by the Lheidli T’enneh as “Nooyaz”, meaning little island and “Yun Hadet'ai”, meaning land that sinks, this small island has been significant in shaping the City of Prince George into the city it is today.